Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors :: Panels

Legacy Forge Panels

Legacy Forge’s product line is based around the grand art work of R. Scott Jarvie. These low relief sculptured panels are the perfect sculpture work to find a place in your home. Where traditional sculpture is sometimes difficult to place, these low relief panels can be hung on a wall “out-of -the -way” for everyone to see. Each panel depicts early western heritage, North American/African wildlife and other decorative motif. Panels are finished in a number of brilliant finishes sure to please all.

The heart of every door and what makes Legacy Forge doors so unique, is the beautiful art work that is framed within. With over 30 sculptured designs to choose from and the chance for you to choose the panel finish (See Designing Your Door) makes your selection extensive. Panels are also available detached from a door, to install in any existing space as wall hangings, cabinet fronts or furniture fascias.

Artistic Metal Panels

Artistic metal panels are first sculptured in clay then cast in zinc through our advanced proprietary process. The panels are reinforced with fiberglass.

Panels are available double-sided or single-sided, inclusive with a door or by themselves to be installed in existing doors, mounted in furniture, cabinets or simply as wall hangings.

Double-sided panels have a 3/4" insulation foam core for an effective thermal barrier.

Most panels are 28"x 40" at their largest and are cut to 25"x 39" for a standard size door. Commisioned panels can be made as large as 4 x 10.

Artistic Metal Finishes

Different-metals-illustrationArtistic metal panels are available in a variety of metal finishes; copper, bronze copper, blush copper, silver, nickel and gold. Any panel can be highly polished for a brighter look or “bronzed” to give it a more antiqued appearance. All panels are sealed against weathering and oxidation.”