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How to Order

If you know what you want, download our order form and get started. For the rest who have questions or who have never created a door or entry system, call Kristen direct at (541) 363-2992 or email us. We would love to answer any question you have — big or small. We love what we do and want to make sure your new door or entry system more than exceeds your expectations.

Steps for Ordering

Step ONE - Choose from the many different panel designs (see the panel selection here). You have the opportunity to choose two different designs as the panel is two sided. Remember you must also define which panel will show on the inside (interior) and the outside (exterior). Browse panel options >

Step TWO – Choose the plating finish for your panels. The panels are cast in true metal not a poured plastic matrix that looks like metal. This metal surface is therefore perfect to accept electro deposition plating. These plated surfaces can then be finished in an extensive array of hues, contrasts and polished highlights; just like a museum quality bronze sculpture. After the plating and finishing process the panels are sealed with a durable marine finish to protect against weathering and oxidation. Learn more (see right sidebar “Artistic Metal Finishes”) >

Step THREE - Select the wood species for the construction of your door. We travel far and wide to find unique woods of character. Your door could start its life from an old fallen barn or salvaged from a walnut orchard. Logs or timber are brought to our facility where a rolling band saw cuts the wood into slabs. These slabs are stacked to dry. After this drying cycle the wood is further cut into 1/2″ thick veneers that are bonded onto an engineered ply core. It is this veneer and core technology that makes your door resistant to warping and bending. Below are some samples of wood specific that have been popular with other clients in the past. If you have a special type of wood that you are interested in please feel free to ask about availability. Explore wood options >

Step THREE 1/2- Still more wood choices to make. We must choose a wood finish. For more rustic homes we can create a textured surface known as “distress”. This gives the door an aged look after the protective finish is applied. A few samples are shown to the right.

Typically, doors are shipped “unfinished”. No protective finish (stain/sealer) is applied. After a brief climatization period your painter can seal the door with an exterior grade stain and or natural clear finish to match other

Step FOUR – Step four consists of many more options and selections that come if you would like your door “pre-hung”or made part of a complete entry system. See entry systems >